Thursday, June 24, 2010

catching up…

Haven’t posted in, well, a long time. Its tough keeping up with one more activity, especially one that is personal, as writing is. All the other activities of life, those that especially involve being with other people, crowd out the importance of this activity.

Wow. That sentence sucked. But I hope you got the idea.

Part of my problem in staying regular on this blog is that its electronic. Meaning there are no hard copies. At least the original is not a hard copy. Soooo, in my mind, its not nearly as important as other areas of my life.

I have a real sense of rebellion going on in my heart/mind/soul regarding computers, the internet, etc. I keep remembering what life was like before all the technology, and, old man that I am, I wax nostalgic. I remember as a kid watching Star Trek, entering the Communications program in college and working at the local radio and television stations just as the new “digital” technology of Compact Disks came out, and even getting a beeper when my wife was pregnant with our first child. I dreamed about tech and desired more at every stage of my life. Now, at 43 years old, dealing with high blood pressure, a dangerous waistline, the impending threat of being an empty nester (both of my boys will be in college by the time I am 48) and the demands of full time ministry in the information age…. I long for the ability to be truly alone.

I’ve had a phone call and three texts just while typing the previous paragraphs!

And I know that a failure to post regularly totally destroys any “following” this blog may one day have. So pray for me that I do better. Writing is cathartic, and I need a more open heart.

I have another post that I am mulling around, will hopefully post it later today or tomorrow. It’s about anger, whining, and laziness. Its the feel-good post of the year!

Hope someone read this. If you did, please comment (even anonymously), even if your comment is just “I read this.”

THAT (having someone I know is reading) would be a great spark to getting me in front of the typewri… computer keyboard more often.