Sunday, June 26, 2011

Awesome Response!

Great morning at church today.  Though attendance was a year to date low (72), the humility and brokenness was greater than I have seen in a while.
Four weeks ago I installed a door, siding, porch light, mailbox, etc on the right side of the platform

I have been preaching on a renewed emphasis on door-to-door outreach and used the "exterior" door as a prop for illustrating how to approach homes and speak to our neighbors.

This morning I asked for those who were willing to sign up for visiting teams by signing their name on the door.

31 did just that.

God is good...

Happy Birthday Patty!

Its late posting, I know, but On Tuesday June 21, my wife Patty turned 40. She doesn’t mind her age being mentioned, she’s glad to get this far and feel as good as she does!

She is the Love of my life. I don’t deserve a woman as good hearted and beautiful as she.

This was my birthday present to her. Only the second time in 20 years I have drawn her likeness, the first time being in a sketchbook. This time I gave her the picture.