Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My best friend in the ministry died today.

Rob Dalsing was the Pastor of Birdwell Lane Baptist Church in Big Springs, TX. Before that he had planted New Beginnings Baptist in Rockaway, NJ. I got to know him when he took on a church rescue in Pasadena, MD in 1999 or 2000.

Rob was exactly 367 days older than me. He was born October 20, 1965. My birthday was October 22, 1966. We used to call each other on the 21st.

We hadn’t talked much in the last year or so. Both of our faults. We never took the time. I wish we had. But that’s the way guys are, and we were. Never thought there wouldn’t be enough time later on. Now time, for our friendship, is up.

I don’t even have a picture of the two of us together.

This is the only one I could find on my computer

Rob Dalsing

This is Rob in Times Square back a few years ago. We took a month long vacation (the whole family was burned out) and Rob and Robyn put us up at their house for about a week. We saw his church plant, had some cookouts, visited New york City (a 45 minute drive from his house at the time), just hung out. It was the last time we spent real time together. I’ll cherish that visit even more now.

Keep Robyn and their children in your prayers. 46 is too young for a husband, father, and in the last week, a grandfather to pass.

Rob was the closet I've ever had to a true accountability partner. He had the absolute right to call me to the mat for anything he saw wrong in my life. And on a few occasions, he told me point blank I was wrong. And he was right.

I loved Rob dearly. I regret not keeping in closer contact. I know he could care less about that now. He’s better off than all of us.

I can’t wait till I get to see him again.


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