Friday, March 09, 2012

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Its been an eventful few weeks since my rant about social media. I’ve been trying to come up with a single topic for my next post, but nothing is developing into 500-700 words. So lets pick a few hot topics out of the air, and limit the comments to around 150 words or so per topic.


Kirk Cameron

Kirk went on Piers Morgan Live (Any one else NEVER watch this show before?) and was ambushed with a Carrie Prejean question on gay marriage. Kirk showed great humility, love and respect as he gently stated the Biblical Truth that homosexuality is a SIN. Just like lying, stealing, coveting, etc. But the elite Hollywood crowd - who think they basically run the country, because the unwashed masses bow before them and desire nothing more than to be celebrities themselves – attacked Kirk with the full force of twitter, Facebook, and press announcements. Truth is truth folks, doesn’t matter if society has “grown” or “changed its understanding”. The Bible says its an abomination, its an abomination. I’m just so tired of people picking and choosing what they want to believe. Believe the truth. Then live it, even if your flesh hates it!


Joshua and the Captain of the Host

This past Sunday I preached the next installment of “The Story of Us” in the Morning Service. The text was Joshua 5 and his meeting with Christ just before the battle of Jericho. I love this story. It thrills me to see my Lord described as a warrior in battle armor with a sword drawn and ready to fight! The response to the sermon was awesome. Especially the final point about the invisible war going on around us. I postulated that when the walls of Jericho fell, it was not a magical thing where God just made it happen supernaturally, but that it was the result of His ringing the city with His Angels. When the Trumpet blew the 7th day, I think the Angels struck the wall and drove it into the ground! There is an invisible war raging all around us daily. We need to recognize that, and look for signs of its effects on our lives.


The Republican Primary

Two months ago I had a post ready to publish saying the race was over, Romney has won and its time for the party to rally around him. Then Newt Gingrich won South Carolina. Then Rick Santorum surged. And this week’s “Super Tuesday” contests still didn’t settle the race for good. I don’t think a drawn out battle is going to hurt the nominee like the mainstream media and republican establishment keep saying (remember the bitter war between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama in 08?). And I won’t be totally happy no matter which of the top three (Ron Paul is a sideshow at this point) eventually wins. I still wish Huckabee would have ran. But whoever it is (99% sure it’ll be Romney) we have to rally and be proactive. If the current President wins re-election, say goodbye for good the the America you grew up in. We will see the Government, Debt, Trade Deficit, and our taxes grow to monumental proportions, and we will eventually be looking to China to bail us out. Hopefully Jesus Returns for the Church before that happens!


The Middle East

Isaiah 17:1…The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.                                                                                 

This is one of the few prophecies of Scripture that absolutely COULD happen before the Rapture that has not happened yet. Damascus is the oldest continuously occupied city on earth that has never been totally destroyed. In 2008 tensions between Lebanon and Syria were so high war seemed immanent.  Leon Panetta was grilled by John McCain this week as to whether or not the USA has an entry plan for military intervention in Syria. Israel has explicitly said it’s a matter of WHEN, not if, they strike Iran’s Nuclear technology. Things are progressing, building to a deadly crescendo that will result in massive loss of life and possibly a complete game-change in the middle east- where the Jewish Nation would find themselves in a position to rebuild the Temple and pave the way for the events of Revelation 6-19 to begin. Even so, Come, Lord Jesus!

All right, four different topics are enough for one post. Next time I’ll try to stick to one!

Remember, if your reading this, drop a comment below and let me know. It would be a great encouragement to keep writing!

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