Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pardon the Interruption…

EVERYTIME I try to re-launch this blog, the same thing happens…. LIFE.

Its been 2 1/2 weeks since my last post. Sorry.

But you will forgive me, yes?

After all, it is the Easter Season, Black Friday for Pastors Open-mouthed smile

Can’t remember what the problem was 2 weeks ago, but LAST week was one of “those” weeks in the ministry. A funeral, A hospital visit (In the city), MY oldest son Luke was in the hospital for a planned operation on his shoulder, and the rest of the week was spent trying to manage the pain (severe) and provide him with a comfortable place to rest. Then there was the last minute details of the Girlfriends banquet my wife holds every spring at the church. Throw in a couple of baseball practices for Ben, and end the week (Saturday) with a Birthday Party at a teens house. And somewhere in there I had to find time to prepare two sermons and a Sunday School Lesson – The Sunday School Lesson lost the battle for attention. I woke up Sunday morning, did a “V-8” head slap and remembered that I had NOT prepared the lesson for the week!

Tried to rest yesterday – no luck. Spent the day in and out of my Cell Phone store – Won’t say which one, but its not Verizon, At&T or T-Mobile – because my wife's totally worthless Android phone died and needed replaced. In the words of Charlie Brown…..AAAAAARGH!

So.. no time to post. Got a few hours this afternoon to catch up, so I thought I would post something insightful, thoughtful and uplifting… So here it is:

Jesus Loves You so much He gave His life for you.

Love Him back just as much.


annnnnd, I’m out.

Back in a day or two.



Friday, April 01, 2011

Pray for me…

It’s April 1st. My wife’s favorite day of the year. If you know my wife, you can just imagine the torture I am experiencing today.

In past years she has pulled various practical jokes on me on this day.

Once she let my dresser drawer be depleted all week of underwear until, on April 1st, I only had one pair in the drawer, which I found out later that day had the fly sewed shut.

On another occasion she waited until I went to bed, then her and the boys filled the bathroom with balloons. Floor to ceiling. I woke up at 5am, needing to be on the road by 6 for a meeting that morning, and I couldn’t open the door of the bathroom for the balloons.

She has kept EPT (pregnancy) test sticks from our children, and years later ran out of the bathroom screaming, showing me the blue + sign.

One year she got everyone in the church, visitors included, involved. When I excused the children for children’s church, everyone got up and walked out the back door!

The king of all April Fools jokes, though, was the year of the Rat Trap. I won’t go over all of it here, but it involved a SET rat trap, my bed, and the distinct possibility that if the trick had gone wrong, we would be as infamous as John and Lorena Bobbit.

I am thankful, though, to spend my life with someone so full of life. Patty keeps me young, or at least on edge.

My life is rarely dull.

This year she has decided to go with multiple small jokes instead of one big joke.

I woke up this morning to garlic powder and salt on my toothbrush. Toothpaste on the bathroom door handle. The tub shower handles removed. The kitchen sink sprayer taped on so when I turned on the faucet I was sprayed in the stomach. There was a “House For Sale” sign in my yard with my cell phone number on it (I live in the church parsonage!).

And to show the total commitment she has to her cause, Patty put dish liquid soap on her tongue, and then kissed me.

I really need your prayers…